If you discipline a child, leave him room to turn away from his wrong action so that you do not leave him with stubbornness as his only way out. - Imam Ali (as)

Parent Teacher Organization

Al-Hadi's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a formal organization that consists of parents, teachers and school staff. The goals of the PTO include volunteerism of parents, encouragement of teachers and students, community involvement, and welfare of students and families.


  • To promote active cooperation between teachers and parents

  • Support the school by participation in diverse events such as sports, special school projects, school fund-raising activities, and other activities related to families and students


All parents and teachers at Al-Hadi School are regular members of the PTO.

PTO Council

The Parent-Teacher Organization is organized by a PTO Council, consisting of seven (7) members elected from the regular members and two teachers who will represent the staff. The officers of the 2016-2017 PTO are:

  1. Zehra Nasser (President)
  2. Aimen Rizvi (Vice President)
  3. Shereen Abidi (Secretary)
  4. Jennifer Elbezre (Treasurer)
  5. Fatema Jaffery 
  6. Mona Khoshdel
  7. Shahnaz Amiri
  8. Azra Ali (Teachers' Representative)
  9. Zahra Shahnarad (Teachers' Representative)


The Secretary of the Islamic Education Board (IEB) selects a committee to coordinate and supervise elections. Elections are held towards the end of the school year for the following year.


Email: pto@alhadi.com


Zehra Nasser -PTO President (2016-17)

I am ecstatic to be involved with Al-Hadi, and hope to touch positive milestones, and exceed expectations, with the great team of involved-parents. A bit about me - I currently lead the business development team of an immunotherapy company while also working towards completing a Master’s degree in Pharma BD&L. I have grown up with the IEC community since moving to Houston, almost 18 years ago. My decision to be involved in Al-Hadi derives from Al-Hadi placing first in my search for a great school to enroll my daughter, and also my desire to contribute in the enrichment of our children. Over the years, I have seen our community both grow and prosper in a variety of ways, and the development of our educational arm has truly inspired me to want to take part. I have come to appreciate the school's values and the extraordinary attention the Al-Hadi staff provides students, which is incomparable across other schools. Although this will be my first year serving in the PTO, I truly hope my involvement and participation will only help enhance our children's experience.

Abidi _Shereen_
Shereen Abidi - PTO Secretary(2016-17)

I was born and raised in Abu Dhabi and completed my under graduate in Computer Engineering from Karachi. I work full time as Software Engineer at Human Genome Sequencing labs at Baylor College of Medicine. I have also worked at Accenture. In my free time I love to make sketches, read poetry, religious books and Urdu literature. I have also been part of Indus Arts Council (a non-profit organization) that is promoting Pakistani Arts and Culture in Greater Houston. I am blessed with two daughters. My elder one is in 1st grade at Al-Hadi School and younger one will start Pre School very soon. I look forward to my first year in PTO Council and feel privileged to serve our community. I will InshaAllah work towards improving PTO strategy, event planning and accessibility.

Jennifer Elbezre
Jennifer Elbezre - PTO Treasurer (2016-17)

I am excited to be an active member of the PTO for this school year. I have been an Al-Hadi parent since 2009 and my two children will attend again this year. I had been working in Supply Chain for Offshore Drilling companies for the last 15 years. However, due to the downturn I have been able to spend more time with my kids and volunteer at Al-Hadi. I look forward to making this year a successful one for our school and community. 

Shahnaz Amiri
Shahnaz Amiri - PTO Officer (2016-17)

My name is Shahnaz Amiri and I am from Iran. I am a mother of 3 students of Al-Hadi. This is my third year of working with PTO at Al-Hadi school. I graduated from high school in my country. My hobbies are reading book,exercising, and spending time with kids. My goal is to be involved in school activities.